Create your
Hive Hosting Plan

Step 1: You Host package

Start your apiary with local honeybees & eqiupment

After the initial site inspection at your home or business, Mystic Sister will provide you with hive equipment and honeybees.

We naturally raise our own honeybees and Queens and when our own supply sells out, we work with local, certified bee-breeders who manage their honeybee colonies organically. All equipment is made from local, premium Ontario Pine.

Step 2: Maintain a happy, healthy colony with 


  • Upon delivery and installation, your hives will be inspected, managed, and cared for by a certified sustainable urban beekeeper frequently throughout the year. 

  •  Education and guidance on planting pollinator gardens will be provided for all clients, prioritising native flowers and herbs that provide habitat for wild, native pollinators and forage for all pollinators, including your honeybees!

  • Honey is harvested and bottled seasonally and delivered to you, while ensuring the bees save enough for winter. You receive up to 12kg of your own hyper-local honey per hive.


Biodynamic benefits:

  • Plastic-free bee hives ensure that the honey does not come into contact with any petro-chemical residues during production. 

  • Bees are able to build comb freely, according to their own sacred instincts.

  • Observation of the rhythms and cycles of the earth, sun, moon, stars, and planets helps us understand the subtle ways that the environment and wider cosmos influence the growth and development of hives.

As an added benefit, every client receives one membership to local wildlife conservation charity Ontario Nature, and quarterly subscription to their award-winning magazine, ON Nature.


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Step 3: Complete your perfect plan with


Receive your Entire Honey Harvest!


  • Receive your entire honey harvest! Established honeybee colonies (2nd year and beyond) produce upward of 100 lbs of honey per hive!

  • Perfect for selling your honey under your own label or using it in your products. 

  • Market price for this premium honey is $20 per pound and up.

Natural Beekeeping and Biodynamic Gardening Consulting and Workshops

  • ​ Edible and Native Pollinator Gardening consultations are available at an hourly rate.

  • Biodynamic Beekeeping & Gardening workshops are available.

       Workshops for children and adults include: honeybee life cycle & biology, beekeeping throughout the seasons, biodynamic urban gardening, making herbal remedies using products of the hive.

Hive Share program (we host)

If your home or business isn't suitable to host hives, you can still support the bees by purchasing a quarter, half or full hive share in one of our Toronto apiaries!

You will receive:

  • A harvest share (quarter, half or full) of raw, hyper-local honey produced from your personal hive.

  • Meet your hive and enjoy a tour of the apiary an urban beekeeping workshop and a honey tasting for 2 people.

  • One membership with local, wildlife charity Ontario Nature - including print copies of their quarterly, award-winning magazine ON Nature and exclusive access to local pollinator conservation projects.


Toronto, ON, Canada

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