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Urban Beekeeping

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Urban Beekeeping

Plant+Hive Products

Pollinator Conservation

Mystic Sister Apiaries


As Toronto's only biodynamic urban beekeeping company, we prioritize the health of our honeybees, the health of our local ecosystems, and the protection of all local and native pollinators. 

We produce raw, hyper-local honey and seasonally handcrafted plant+hive wellness products for the communities of the Greater Toronto Area.

What we do:

  1. Support the health of local honeybee populations through biodynamic urban beekeeping and hive hosting services.

  2. Participate in the local food economy and the urban agriculture revolution by sustainably producing hyper-local, raw honey and plant+hive wellness products.  

  3. Provide pollination services to GTA communities.

  4. Restore and conserve habitat for wild pollinators through native plant gardening and local grassroots pollinator conservation projects.


Who is Mystic Sister?


Saidy Corneglio

Saidy Corneglio is the founder of Mystic Sister, a certified Sustainable Urban Beekeeper, Herbalist, and biodynamic gardener living in Toronto with her husband and 4 children. Saidy believes that regenerative agriculture and wildlife conservation are paramount to healing our planet and building a truly sustainable future which honors and respects the Earth and all her inhabitants. She holds diplomas in Sustainable Urban Beekeeping, Western Herbalism, Anthropology and Photography. 

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